ColdHackers / CmG-TeaM

The February 15 conspiracy is a dynamite furnished to the Kurdish people and humanity..
On February 15, a free will was requested...
On 15 February, the Kurdish people were marching towards freedom.
This conspiracy is in vain. The Kurdish People, whose leader died in our own person, full of blood, have resurrected.
The forces that want to end their mankind and create their own Hebron.
saw our LEADERSHIP and the struggle for Kurdish Freedom around the Leader as a great danger.
The international conspiracy is the most concrete expression.
Everyone should be aware that no power can prevent this resurrection.
We have learned the truth from the Leader APO and we will live with the Leader APO.
On this basis, our resistance will continue decisively.
The Kurdish people and everyone who calls themselves human should raise the struggle in this process.
We, as COLDHACKERS group, will reach the summit of the Kurdistan Freedom struggle in the virtual world.
We will be the fearful dream of every sector that attacks our values.
Anyone who ignores the truth and who is insensitive to the injustice made against the Kurds is guilty!
Our actions against the attacks of the Leader APO and the Kurdish People will continue.
As ColdHackers we are committed to our struggle.
Onder APO, Kurdish People, Humanity We will fight until freedom!
We wash the world without Leader APO!
Biji Reber APO!
Biji PKK!
ColdHackers CmG-TeaM,Cyber Medians Guerillas,Elite Hackers Group
ColdHackers CmG-TeaM Cyber Medians Guerillas Elite Hackers Group